This website is set-up to be a clearing house for all people researching the HORROCKS surname and it's variants.  The variants include, but are not limited to, HORROX, HORRICKS, HORROCK and HARRICKS, at any place and for any time period.

There are three main areas in this website:

DNA Surname Study

For all HORROCKS males that are interested in participating in a Y-DNA surname study.  FamilyTreeDNA does all the testing and the matching.  Because we will be part of a DNA surname study, costs are less than if you do the testing on your own.

Research Tools

Currently there are 829 names in the contributed research files and extracts from both the British and USA Census listings on our surname.

Professional Services

I also do professional research and lectures.

I am open to any suggestions that you might have to make the website more beneficial.  Just let me know.

Hosted by Hal Horrocks