Horrocks Family Trees

This page has links to people doing Horrocks research that have created a website to share their research.

If you have a family tree on the web that you want to share, and there are at least a few HORROCKS in your family, please contact me at hal@horrocksgenealogy.com.

Current Websites

Hal Horrocks: I have traced my HORROCKS roots back to March 5, 1705 in Bolton-le-Moors.

Graham Horrocks: Graham's site has been the default website for Horrocks for years, though no genealogy information.  He has a lot of interesting Horrocks information.

Lloyd Horrocks: Lloyd's research is extensive on his Horrocks ancestors.

Vanda & Chris: Vanda and Chris have a great blog that is trying to find cousins

Ester Carroll: Ester has shared some great detail on her family

Gary Wood: He has traced his family through the Mormon migration to Utah.

Mike Horrocks: Mike's site has his family back to 1594

Bolton Lancashire: Valerie has put together a GREAT website on the HORROCKS ancestral home, Bolton, England.  I highly recommend everyone look at her site to get a 'feel' for how our ancestors lived.

Recent Additions

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